CSE 401 Project III
Static Semantics, Type Checking & Symbol Tables

Due: Thursday, Nov. 17, by 11:00 pm. Turn in your project using the assignment drop box (links on the project page).


Add static semantics checking to your compiler. In particular, you should do the following:

Details and Suggestions


You should test your compiler on both correct MiniJava programs and on programs that contain various sorts of static semantics problems, including programs that are syntactically legal (i.e., accepted by the parser), but have static semantics errors.

What to Turn In

As usual, run an ant clean, then bundle up your compiler directory in a tar file and turn that in. The code should run on attu when built with ant.

Your directory should include the following, along with the code that makes up the compiler:

If you are working with others, you should turn in only one copy per group with your names listed in the same order as usual in the INFO file.