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  CSE 401Sp '04:  PL/0 - Building The Compiler on NT
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If you really need to work under NT, you are basically on your own, but the following instructions may help get you started. You turnin and we grade on Linux, so when you submit compiler code, it must run on the instructional Linux servers (e.g., attu). In particular, you need to bring files back to Linux for final testing and turnin, so allow a little time for this. A particular pitfall to watch out for is differences in how the two compilers handle uninitialized variables. This has caused portability problems for some students; MSVC defaults seem to mask uninitialized values.

Rough directions for porting to NT & MSVC:

Hopefully this should compile with no errors or warnings on MSVC, at least it did once upon a time. If there are any problems, please send mail.

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