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 CSE 401Sp '03: Assignment #4, Due Monday, 5/12/03
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Individual homework

None this week.


Implement typechecking and other semantic checking and analysis for the extended PL/0 language. This assignment involves implementing your specification from the last assignment..

For your debugging pleasure, you can run the extended compiler with the "-p -s -S" options to print the abstract syntax tree, the symbol table, and then stop.

Turn in printouts for {decl,expr,stmt}.tc.c, symtab.{h,c}, type.{h,c}, and any other files that you modify substantially. (You may need to change some of your AST .h files, because methods you had only declared are now actually going to be implemented; however, these changes are probably minor; you don't have to turn in printouts for them in that case.) Turn in your whole working directory electronically as usual, even if you only changed a couple of files.

As usual, turn in only one solution per group, including:

As usual, you will be graded on the thoroughness, correctness, clarity and good design of your implementation, and on sufficiency of your test cases.

Reminder: Midterm Monday 5/5/02