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 CSE 401: PL/0 - Printing
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  1. You only need to print the modified C++ implementation, with your changes highlighted with highlighter pen.

  2. Write a brief description of what eventualities your test cases tested. It is not necessary to list the print out of your test cases or the output from these cases; a paragraph of text is sufficient.

  3. To save paper, please use enscript and lpr -Zduplex to make two-column double-sided printouts. Sieg 329 and 232 both have HP LaserJet 4 printers capable of printing double sided.
      enscript -2r -G -p - file1 file2 ... | lpr -Zduplex -Pps232
    The -G option gives "gauddy" output, including file name and username (can be left out). The -Zduplex option makes the printer print double-sided. Adjust the printer name with the -P option or leave it out for your default printer.

  4. Include the header page (the one with your username on it) to the front of the printout, and write your real name at the top. If this printout includes your partner(s), write each of their real names and usernames too.

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