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Note: this is for the Winter 2024 iteration of CSE 391. Looking for a different quarter? Please visit https://courses.cs.washington.edu/courses/cse391/.


We will have different office hours for Finals Week. TAs will not have office hours; Matt will instead have office hours on Monday, March 11th from 2-3 PM; Tuesday, March 12th from 4-5 PM; and Wednesday, March 13th from 10-11 AM. All will be in CSE 464 and on Zoom!

Getting Help

If you have a general question that other students could potentially benefit from, considering posting on Ed. On Ed, you can also set your questions to private or anonymous as you see appropriate.

For logistical questions (such as extenuating circumstances and DRS accomodations), we ask that you post privately on Ed so the whole staff can respond. For sensitive situations, you can also email Matt directly if you would feel more comfortable.

We are often available at other times by appointment, and we encourage you to schedule 1:1 appointments whenever you want to talk about concepts, grades, internships, or anything else.

You can find Zoom links for CSE 391 office hours using our general Zoom instructions.


Photo of Matt Wang

Office Hours

Mon 2:00-3:00 PM & Tue 2:30-3:30 PM
CSE 464 and Zoom

Matt Wang he/him


Hi, I’m Matt! I’m a new teaching professor (to UW) this year and am excited to have all of you in 391! I got an M.S. and two B.S.’s from UCLA, where I studied a combination of computer science, math, and economics. Most of my professional, teaching, and open-source experience surrounds web development (which I’ve been doing for over a decade). My (relatively small) research background is in programming languages, which I’ve also taught (along with introductory machine learning, robotics, and data science). Last quarter, I taught 391 (and 190W). This quarter, I’m also co-teaching CSE 121 with the wonderful Elba Garza.

My go-to “me” activities are listening to music, reading, and video games; recent favourites include Laufey‘s new album Bewitched, Ted Chiang‘s Stories of Your Life and Others, and Rundisc’s Chants of Sennaar. There’s a lot I’m happy to talk about, from “computer science-y” stuff (e.g. getting involved in open-source, various internships I’ve done, and why I love programming languages) to completely unrelated things (my opinions on producer tags in rap, my search for good vegan/gluten-free snacks, and video games). Don’t be a stranger!

Teaching Assistants

Photo of Antonio Ballesteros

Office Hours

Mon 3:00-4:00 PM
CSE2 152 and Zoom

Antonio Ballesteros He/Him


Hi! This is my first time as a TA and I’m looking forward to helping with anything course related. When I’m not working on homework for my heavy courseload, sleeping, or eating, I am usually watching movies/TV, reading, or going on walks around campus. Feel free to come to my office hours to chat or ask any questions on Ed and I’ll try my best to answer promptly. Have a good quarter! :)

Photo of Kirupa Gunaseelan

Office Hours

Fri 1:30-2:30 PM
CSE2 153 and Zoom

Kirupa Gunaseelan she/her


Hi everyone! This is my second quarter TA-ing this class, and I’m excited to work with you all and help you get the most out of this course! Feel free to stop by my office hours to chat about homework or any other course topics. Outside of CS, I like to play music. I recently bought an electric bass and am hoping to learn some cool riffs. I hope y’all enjoy 391!