Getting Help

If you have a general question that other students could potentially benefit from, considering posting on Ed. On Ed, you can also set your questions to private or anonymous as you see appropriate.

For logistical questions (such as extenuating circumstances and DRS accomodations), we ask that you post privately on Ed so the whole staff can respond. For sensitive situations, you can also email Josh directly if you would feel more comfortable.

We are often available at other times by appointment, and we encourage you to schedule 1:1 appointments whenever you want to talk about concepts, grades, internships, or anything else.

You can find Zoom links for CSE 391 office hours using our general Zoom instructions.


Photo of Josh Ervin

Office Hours

Mon 3 - 5 pm

Josh Ervin he/him


Hello! My name is Josh and I’ll be your instructor for this quarter. I grew up in Redmond, Washington and went to UW for college. Now I work full time as a software engineer for a startup in SF(I work remotely) in addition to teaching 391.

One fun fact about me is that I love broccoli. Broccoli is by far my favorite snack and I eat broccoli all the time. If you also love broccoli come to office hours and we can talk about broccoli!!

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time reading, hiking, playing guitar/piano, and playing chess. I’m currently reading Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman. I also manage a number of open source software projects, most of which are named after fruits.

Teaching Assistants

Photo of Evan Hao

Office Hours

Mon 7 - 9 pm

Thur 2:30 - 4:30 pm
Allen Center 4th Floor Breakout and Zoom

Evan Hao he/him


Hi! My name is Evan Hao. I’m currently in my third and last year majoring in CS with a mathematics minor. I lived pretty much my whole life in Arizona, until I came to college! Everything in Seattle is great except for the cold and rainy weather. I plan to graduate with a Bachelors and hopefully get an Education Masters in the future.

Academics aside, my indoor hobbies include video games (mostly League and Valorant), board games, origami (join my origami club!), and most recently reading.

Outdoors, I enjoy bouldering, hiking, swimming, traveling, and trying new food places.

I am absolutely excited to TA for one of my favorite CS classes, and hope you receive the same amazing experience I had! Feel free to check out my website: