1. What is the difference between .bashrc and .bash_profile?

  2. Say I have a python script (you can run a python script as a bash command by doing python script.py).

    • a) I want to be able to run it as a command from any directory, what do I need to do to accomplish this?
    • b) Now I want it to run every time I login to Attu, how would I do this??
  3. How could I make it so if I type attu in a shell on my local machine it will ssh into attu?

  4. How could I print all the files in my current directory that belong to the cse391 group?

  5. I have the file run.sh, it currently has unknown permissions. Say I want the owner to have read, write, and execute permissions, the group to have only execute permissions, and others to have only execute and read permissions.

    • a) How can I accomplish this using letter codes?
    • b) What is an equivalent command using octal syntax?