CSE 378: Spring 1999
Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming

Electronic Turnin

We will be using electronic turnin on orcas/sanjuan for programming assignments. Note that this is different from what you would have used in cse142 or cse143 - the turnin is not through a web page; instead you will use the shell command turnin to submit your solutions. The process is very simple. All you need to do is set up your environment correctly and use a shell command to submit all your files for a given assignment.

Setting Up Your Account
You must properly prepare your environment in order to use the electronic turnin program (change your .cshrc, .mycshrc, .kshrc, or whatever other startup file you are using):

Set environment variable SUB_cse378 to AA if you are in quiz section AA (the one meeting at 12:30 on Thursdays), or to AB if you are in that quiz section (meeting at 1:30). For example:
    setenv SUB_cse378 AA

Using turnin
Once your environment is properly set up, you may  man turnin  to get more details about the program. Also, turnin -h  will list a summary of each command-line option. The most important features of turnin will be discussed here.

Things to Remember
  1. You are responsible for keeping all submitted files in a separate subdirectory until your assignment is graded, and for presenting them in case your original submission is lost.
  2. Successive submissions for a project replace previous submissions for the same project. Feel free to submit several versions up to the project deadline, but remember that only your last submission will be looked at for grading.
  3. Submissions will automatically be turned off at the time the project is due. No late submissions will be accepted.
  4. You can always do man turnin to clear your doubts about the turnin program.