CSE 378 - Spring 1999

Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming

Exercise: Getting Started

You do not need to turn in anything for this assignment.

All documents mentioned here are available on the course Web page in the Help section.



  1. Read the document, "Using UNIX... A Brief Introduction."
  2. Log on to orcas or sanjuan and create a directory called cse378 in your home directory. (orcas and sanjuan are cse machines; if you do not have access to these, then you need to set up a quarterly account; details of how to do this are available here.)
  3. List the files in your home directory and see how many there are.
  4. Read the document, "Using Emacs... A Brief Introduction."  Go to your cse378 directory and create a new file, whose contents should be Listing 1 in the document entitled, "Exercise: Familiarization with SPIM (the C version of the program).  Use emacs to create the file, and save it as test0.c (or some other name of your choice).
  5. Read the file you just created using the command more.  Now try using the command   less  to read your program.  Note that you can scroll back and forth in  less, which you could not do in  more.   Press [Q] to quit.
  6. Go back to your home directory on orcas or sanjuan, and type ls -al.   You should see a listing similar to what happens if you type ls -l, but more files will appear.  These "extra" files are actually hidden, as they have names starting with "."  Find the one named   .cshrc.
  7. Read the document "Getting Started with SPIM and XSPIM," and follow the instructions there.
  8. Finally, read and follow the steps in "Exercise: Familiarization with SPIM."  This part is very important, so please do it carefully.