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 CSE 378 Spring 2010
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 Academic Misconduct
 Homework 0 "Due" 4/13
 Homework 1 (sol'n)
 Homework 2
   (Quicksort solution,
   Smash solution)
 Homework 3 (sol'n)
 Homework 4 (doc, soln) Due 6/2
 Lab 1 SW Due 4/16
 Lab 1 HW Due 4/16
 Lab 2 SW Due 4/30
 Lab 2 HW Due 4/30
 Lab 3 Due 5/14
 Lab 4 SW Due 6/2
 Lab 4 HW Due 6/2
 Lab Info
 Green Sheet (PDF)
 Green Sheet Magic
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Welcome to CSE 378 Spring 2010.

This website will be updated constantly, so check back regularly for information on the course.


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Lectures: MWF 9:30-10:20, EEB 037

Section AA: Tuesday 2:30-5:20, CSE 003 (and sometimes in EE 025 for the first hour)

Section AB: Thursday 2:30-5:20, CSE 003 (and sometimes in Loew 206 for the first hour)


Name email at cs Office Hours
Luis Ceze luisceze Mon 10:30-11:30, CSE 576
Aaron Miller ajmiller T,Th 2:30-5:30 in CSE 003
Jacob Nelson nelson Friday, 3:00-5:00 in CSE 003


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