CSE 378 Homework 1 - Setup

Executive Summary

There are five quick steps:
  1. Install Cygwin [Windows only]
  2. Verify you have a Java development environment
  3. Fetch Cebollita
  4. Set some environment variables
  5. Verify the installation
If you are going to work in the labs, steps 1 and 2 are already taken care of. You'll start at step 3.

If you're working on any flavor of Unix machine, you of course don't need Cygwin. You'll have to translate the descriptions here for steps 2-5, which shouldn't be too hard. (There is some additional help in the Cebollita setup documentation.)

Note: Cebollita is written in Java, and so you should be able to run it on a non-lab machine, even if that machine is running Linux or, say, Mac OS X. It requires at least Java 1.4.

1. Install Cygwin

This is needed only on Windows systems, and only on non-lab systems.

Go to www.cygwin.com and click on the "Install or update now!" icon. Select "open" in the first dialog, and then move forward from there.

Selecting the default install directory (C:\cygwin) is probably a good idea. It's safe, and maybe a good idea, to select the defaults at every dialog. Towards the end you'll have to select download sites -- I guess I'd choose one in the USA even if the default is elsewhere.

2. Verify you have a Java development evironment

This, too, is needed only on non-lab systems.

The documentation for CSE 142 and 143 says how to locate and install what you need, if you don't have it already.

Start a Cygwin shell. Type jar --help. If you get an error message, rather than a help message, there's trouble. If you can't fix the problem (using your CSE 142/143 expeience, say), send mail to a course staff member.

If that worked, type javac --help. Same routine as above regarding what happens.

3. Fetch Cebollita / 4. Set some environment variables / 5. Verify the installation

(In the labs, you can create a Cygwin shell through menu item Start / Programs / cygwin.)

The Cebollita Setup & Downloads page has instructions. Follow those, but with this modifications and addition:

  1. The generic Cebollita page assumes you're installing on a home machine. This assumption affects only superficial things, like the path to directory in which you do the install. At home, you can simply follow them.

    In the labs, you'll want to install Cebollita on the Z:\ drive. When you see C:\ in the Cebollita documentation, think Z:\. No matter what, when you see cebollita/..., think "wherever you installed Cebollita".

    Also in the labs, your Cygwin home directory (the one you're in when you create a Cygwin window) should be Z:\. Make sure it is. Type ls to see the files in that directory. They should be what you see looking at your Z:\ drive. If they're not, get in touch with the course staff.

  2. Verify that you have a "recent enough" version (the below or later):
    $ java dbg.UI --version
    Version 2.5 (Build 52)