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 CSE 378 Fall 2006
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    Office hours for this course are currently scheduled as follows:

Mark Oskin (oskin@cs)
Whenever the door to CSE564 is open, often in CSE003

Steven Balensiefer (alaska@cs)
Times and Location TBD

Shen-Hui Lee (shen@cs)
Wednesdays 11:30 - 12:30, CSE 003; whenever in CSE003 and not working on something urgent.

David Camp (
Times and Location TBD

Additionally, the following hardware lab staff have been assigned to this course and are available for help in the lab:

Andrew Hemmaplardh (plardh@cs)
Whenever in CSE 003 and not visibly panicking

If you are having trouble making office hours, feel free to email us and schedule an appointment.

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