CSE378 Mailing List

The class mailing list is maintained by Mailman. Subscription to the mailing list is limited to those with valid CSE accounts, and viewing of the archive is limited to those who have subscribed. Rather inconveniently, Mailman uses its own database of subscriber passwords, rather than taking advantage of the CSE authentication mechanisms (i.e., your CSE password). The instructions below try to make this inconvenience as in-inconvenient as possible.


  1. Visit http://mailman.cs.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/cse378/. Click on the large Subscribe button in the center of the page. You will be prompted for your CSE login and password to prove that you are allowed to subscribe to the list.
  2. Voila, you're subscrbed.
  3. Assuming I've remembered to set the administrative options for this list to do so, you'll receive a welcome e-mail message from Mailman. It will contain your Mailman-only password, which being randomly generated is a pain to deal with. So...

Changing your Mailman Password

  1. Return to http://mailman.cs.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/cse378/, and this time use the large "Unsubscribe or edit options" button at the bottom, after first filling in the e-mail address you used to subscribe in the edit box just to the left.
  2. On the page that appears next you will find a place that lets you set your own Mailman password. (The password is needed (only) to view the mail archive. You'll receive postings to the list even if you forget your Mailman password entirely.)

Viewing the mail archive

  1. Visit http://mailman.cs.washington.edu/mailman/private/cse378/ and enter your email address and Mailman password.