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CSE 378 - Winter 2002

Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming

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Homework #7 is online. Its due dates are Wednesday, March 13, and Friday, March 15, both before class. You'll need a partner for the SMOK part of this assignment, so finding one by or during discussion on Thursday, and definitely before the weekend is a good plan.

There are now three discussions, all on thursday:
  1. 10:30-11:20 at SAV 211
  2. 1:30-2:20 at MGH 074 (as usual)
  3. 3:30-4:20 at EE1 025
You may attend any one, regardless of what section you enrolled in. There is room in the 10:30-11:20 section, and lots of room in the 3:30-4:20 section, so please attend those if you can!
This week's section we'll be talking about caches and going over the current homework.


Susan Eggers (eggers@cs)
   315 Sieg Hall, 543-2118
   Office Hours: Tues 10:30-11:20, Fri 1:30-2:20


Harlan Hile (harlan@cs)
   Office Hours: Mon 1:30-2:30, Weds 11:30-12:30 in 226a

Bart Niswonger (bart@cs)
   Office Hours: by appointment


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