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Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming

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Several comments on homework 6.
  • On a write miss in a write-back memory update policy, the cache controller first reads the block from memory for the address that missed, and then does the update. It's called 'read allocate'. This is what you should implement on a write miss. This is something we should have explained in the assignment, but didn't notice we had omitted it. My apologies. And thanks to those of you who brought this to our attention.
  • It's fine if you want to turn in homework 6 on the last day of class, Wednesday, December 11. Just remember that that is the day the cache and virtual memory problems are due.
  • As you know, SMOK only implements 4B memories. You can emulate an 8B block by either having two memory interfaces, one for each word, or making two consecutive accesses to a 4B memory. We don't care which.
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