Machine Organization & Assembly Language

CSE 378, Spring Quarter 2000

Electronic Submission

The turnin command is used to perform electronic submissions. You will need to have an XTerm session on one of the instructional Linux machines.

    turnin -c cse378=section your_file
to submit the file your_file for grading. section will be either AA, AB or AC. Please do not submit your files to every section!

You may submit more than one file for grading, just make it clear what each file does (such as writing comments within the files):
    turnin -c cse378=section your_file your_file2 your_file3

An alternative is to submit a directory (this is equivalent to a folder in Windows) of files, rather than just files on their own:
    turnin -c cse378=section your_directory
This way you could provide a help file in the directory for the TAs.

    turnin -h
for help on further options.

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