Machine Organization & Assembly Language

CSE 378, Spring Quarter 2000

Using Reflection X

The instructional Linux machines available for use are ceylon, fiji, sumatra and tahiti.

To obtain an XTerm session on these machines, you use a program called Reflection X, which can be found from the Start Menu, under the Programs and Reflection X submenus.

If a dialog window asking you about performance tuning appears, click No. Answer No to whether you want to use the Client Wizard to create a client file. The following Client Manager window should then appear:

The Client Manager window

Click on the Generic UNIX XTerm option from the left hand side of the window. Now we have to fill out the fields in the right hand side of the window. Choose KERBERIZED TELNET in the Method field under Connection settings. Enter the host name (ceylon, fiji, sumatra or tahiti) into the Host name field. Now enter (/usr/bin/X11/xterm -sb -ls -display %IP#% &) into the Command field.

Click the Connect button and wait for an XTerm window to appear. You are now ready to go!

To end your XTerm session, type:

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