CSE 374: Programming Concepts and Tools - Spring 2021

Course Information

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Course goal:

There is an amorphous set of things computer scientists know about and novice programmers don’t. Knowing them empowers you in computing, lessens the “friction” of learning in other classes, and makes you a mature programmer. The goal is to give you a sense of what's out there and what you can expect – and how you can learn more later when you need to.


Megan Hazen: mh75 [at] cs.washington.edu

Staff email:

cse374-staff [at] cs.washington.edu
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Nick Roi Durand durandn [at] uw.edu
Leah R Perlmutter (she/her) leahperl [at] uw.edu
Mohit Sane sanem [at] uw.edu
Joyce Zhou (they/them) jyzhou15 [at] uw.edu

Office hours:

Mondays, 5-6pm Leah
Wednesdays, 2-3am, PDT Mohit
Wednesdays, 5:30-6:30pm Joyce
Thursdays, 1-2pm Nick

Office hours are also available at various time by request. Office hours are subject to change through the quarter; Zoom rooms will be posted on Canvas.


This course is entirely online for Spring 2021. Students will be expected to sign into Zoom lectures (which will also be available for reviewing afterwards). Additional work will include reading material, and assignments detailed on this web page and Canvas.


10:30 - 11:20 MWF