CSE 374 - Programming Concepts and Tools - Winter 2014 - Home


MWF 12:30-1:20 pm, BAG 131


Final Grades
  • Final grades have been submitted. I used the same process as previous quarters to determine the spread of grades on the 4 point scale, and checked with the course coordinator that they were within departmental norms prior to submitting them. If you have an issue, please let me know initially via email, and we can make an appointment if necessary.
  • You can pick up your final exam at the CSE main office front desk during regular office hours next quarter. Bring your UW ID with you to get your exam. Have a great spring break and best wishes for the future.

Discussion Board

For most things the discussion board is the best way to communicate. If you need to reach the course staff via email for something that is not appropriate for the discussion board please send mail to cse374-staff[at]cs rather than sending mail to individual staff members.

Course Staff Information

Name email[at]cs Office Hours
Laura Campbell campbell CSE 350, Monday 2-3pm and by appointment (send email).
Soumya Vasisht vasisht CSE 220, Wednesday 3-4pm and Friday 2-3pm
Megan Campbell meganca CSE 021, Tuesday noon-1:00pm (basement of Allen Center)
Zhiting Zhu zzt0215 CSE 021, Thursday 4:30-5:30pm (basement of Allen Center)