CSE 373:
Data Structures and Algorithms

Autumn 1998

Oren Etzioni

Table of Contents

General Information


Contact Information

Office Hours Email Address
Oren Etzioni, Instructor Fri., 4:00-5:00, Sieg 209
Nicholas Bone, TA Tue., 11:30-12:20, Sieg 226b,
Thu., 11:30-12:20, MSCC,
and by appointment
Dan Fasulo, TA Mon., 3:30-4:20, Sieg 226a,
Thu., 2:30-3 :20, MSCC
Yi Li, TA


Mark Allen Weiss, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C (Second Edition), Addison-Wesley (1997).


There will be written problem sets and programming assignments. Problem sets will be handed out on Fridays and be due the following Friday. We will drop your lowest problem set grade.

Problem Sets50%
Final Examination25%

Late Submission Policy

Because of the size of the class and the fact that it is not organized into sections, it is extremely difficult for us to deal with late homeworks. Therefore, we cannot accept any late assignments. Assignments must be submitted in class on the due date for credit. Keep in mind that we will drop your lowest score.

Helpful Material

Laboratory Information

The MSCC Lab in Thompson Hall

Our lab will be in MSCC, Math Sciences Computing Center, Located in the basement of Thomson Hall. Information on how to create an account was distributed on the first day of class; see a member of the staff if you missed this information.

Help sessions for new users:

You can also get general help information from the MSCC help page.

Class Email Lists

The primary mailing list is cse373@cs.washington.edu. Before you send email to the address above, you should subscribe to it first.  Here is some information about how to subscribe or unsubscribe to the mailing list.

We also maintain an archive of email from the mailing list.

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