All the teaching and learning assistants.

Andrea Muljono she/her

Hellooo! My name is Andrea and I’m a second year in CS and minoring in Music. I’m from the Bay Area, I love playing piano and drawing, I’m terrible at baking, and I can speak English, Indonesian, and French (learning Japanese).

Please feel free to chat with me about anything:)

Jeong Joon Park he/him

Hi all! My name is JJ, and I’m a graduating PhD student in CS. I grew up in Seoul, and I recently moved to the Bay Area. Besides from work, I like taking a walk, cooking, and investing. I hope to have a great experience with you all in this class!

Kenny Le he/him

Hey everyone! My name is Kenny and I’m a junior studying Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE). Most of the time you can find me staying up till 3 am and snacking on some Cliff bars. Can’t wait to meet y’all and learn more about data structures & algorithms!

Hatice Ece Oz she/her

Quiz Section: AA

Hi, I’m Ece! I am from Turkey and I am a junior double majoring in Informatics and Chemistry. Outside of classes, I like cooking, playing basketball, reading, and watching movies/series! I’m very excited to be a TA again for this course and meet everyone in the upcoming weeks!

Nathan Chen he/him

Quiz Section: AA

Hey folks! I’m Nathan, a senior from Bellevue (right across the pond from UW). This summer, I’m looking forward to reading some good books–currently, The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu–cooking a lot of food/desserts, and of course, teaching and working with y’all.

Kristen Hewson she/her

Quiz Section: AB

Greetings! It’s Kristen here. I am in my forth year studying Business: Information Systems. A few of my loves: maple syrup, theater, laughing with friends/family. I’ll be working as a tech consultant post grad and am excited to learn with y’all this quarter. Let’s do this thing!!

Sarah Khan she/her

Quiz Section: AB

Hey!! I’m Sarah (pronounced as “saw-ruh”)! I will be a junior in the fall studying Computer Science and Education, Communities, and Organizations. I am excited to work with you all! Feel free to hit me up about music, anime, manga, activism, teaching, and computing education!

Jinghua Sun she/her

Quiz Section: AD

Hello, I’m Jinghua and I’m going to be a junior in Autumn! I’m really excited to meet y’all virtually throughout the quarter, and hope we’ll have an amazing 373 experience together. Some of my most recent areas of interests include data ethics and creative choreography.

Sonia Fereidooni she/her

Quiz Section: AD

Originally I’m from Toronto, Canada, but I moved to Washington-State for my mother’s job when I was in high school. I’m really excited to TA this Summer! Also, I’m really good at Yu-Gi-Oh, so if you wanna duel sometime after the quarter I’m game 😎