As we’ve stressed multiple times this quarter, trying to help form a classroom community in an online quarter can be tough but is a worthwhile effort. To help you form deeper connections with your classmates, we will start giving you the ability to choose your group that you want to work with during our class session time to work.

This process is designed to be:

  • Easy for you to use and update at any point in the quarter if you want to.
  • Accommodating to people who are still looking for a group or prefer working with lots of different people throughout the quarter.

Think of this process as letting you choose to sit in your favorite spot in a real-life lecture-hall and having the same group of neighbors around you day-to-day. We saw students in previous quarters were able to get a lot out of their breakout time when they had established connections with their groupmates. We hope you enjoy this too!



Please don’t sign up to be in a group if you don’t plan on coming to class. Flaking on your classmates is not a good look. We don’t attendance so there’s no need to “fake it”. In fact, if you are signing up for a group and don’t plan on coming, you’re making it more work for us since we might have to manually merge small groups.

If you decide to show up last minute, we can easily assign you to a group even if you didn’t sign up!

Go to the Canvas Groups page and put your name in any group! If you want to be in a group with a particular person, make sure you both select the same group! If you don’t have anyone particular in mind, just put yourself in a random group! I have updated the max group size to be 6. You can change these groupings at any point during the quarter!

As a reminder, please do NOT sign up if you aren’t planning on going to class! It’s okay if you’re just missing a day or so, but if you know you won’t be showing up for a while, please don’t sign up or remove yourself from your group to open up space for those that want to participate earnestly.