This page lists the CSE 373 20au resources that we provide to anyone who is interested. If you’re unable to register for the course or are otherwise looking to follow along, you can use the materials described here to study the course concepts at your own pace.

Lecture Recordings & Slides

We provide lecture videos from this quarter publicly on the internet at the link below. All available videos and slides can be found on the the course calendar.

Section Videos, Worksheets, & Slides

We provide review videos that cover the same concepts we work on in section, typically walking through application problems and reviewing concepts introduced in lecture. We also publish all of the worksheets students are given during section (with solutions), and representative slide decks that some TAs use in their sections. All of these materials are linked on the course calendar. Note that to protect student privacy, we don’t publish recordings of this quarter’s live sections.

Project & Exercise Instructions

We publish all assignments for the course publicly, so you are welcome to complete them at your own pace. Please note that we do not publish solutions for any of our assignments, even to students enrolled in the course. Programming projects are offered in Java and let you apply course concepts with a concrete implementation, practicing with writing “real-world” code and integrating with an existing code base. Exercises are written assignments that are more theoretical, and ask you to reason about properties of the data structures and algorithms we talk about. Both types of assignment are linked on the course calendar.

Project Starter Code

Starter code for our programming project series is available online for anyone interested. You can find instructions for accessing this starter code in the Project 0 instructions, although you should ignore any instructions about pushing to your CSE Gitlab repo (you can use a local copy of instead). By accessing the project starter code, you agree to never post your solutions to the 373 project series online in any publicly available location, or otherwise distribute them in a way future 373 students can access.

What we can’t provide

Unfortunately, there are a few resources we can’t provide to students not registered for the course. These fall into two categories: those that expose the information of registered students, and those that require staff time to run — while we love teaching this class and wish we could support you accordingly, we have limited resources as a staff and need to prioritize students who are enrolled.

Due to these limitations, we do not provide the following publicly:

  • Live participation in lectures
  • Grades or feedback on assignments
  • Use of the discussion board
  • Office hours
  • Access to the student community chat
  • A CSE Gitlab account

Therefore, if you are not enrolled in the class we cannot add you to Canvas, Gradescope, Ed, Discord, or Gitlab. You’re always welcome to email the course instructor or schedule a 1:1 meeting if you have questions about what we provide publicly, or to talk about general course concepts or where to take these ideas beyond 373!