Due: Friday, 10/02 at 11:59 pm. No late days available for this assignment.

Points: 2 points

One thing that can be pretty tough about an online quarter is how difficult it is to form a community in our classes. We are not co-located, and there is this technological barrier between talking to each other, which makes it hard to make that human connection. To remind us that there are actual human beings in this class, and not just squares on Zoom, we wanted to do a warm-up assignment to start the ball rolling on forming a classroom community.

This assignment has two separate components:

  1. A short survey for the course staff to learn a little bit more about you.
  2. Posting a short video on the course discussion board introducing yourself.

Welcome Survey

Complete this short survey on Google Forms to let us know a bit about you and why you’re taking the course. These responses are private to the course staff.

The Google Form requires a UW GSuite account. See here for instructions if you have trouble accessing the form.

Note: The link above takes you to Canvas, which then links to the Google Form! We commonly do this to avoid making private links public.

Video Introduction

Post a short video on the message board introducing yourself (details of where to post below). In the video, you should say your name and three things about yourself to let everyone know who you are! Ideally, the video will show your face and you talking since the whole point of this exercise is to remind everyone that there are actually humans in this class! 😊

Your video doesn’t need to be anything fancy; you can even just record it with your phone! We aren’t expecting any kind of perfection from these videos, so it’s totally fine if you pause or correct yourself; just be yourself!

The easiest thing is to immediately upload the video file in your response on the Ed discussion board. You could also upload it to a website like Youtube/Dropbox/Google Drive and share the link on the message board. You can see an example of what a video response looks like by checking out Hunter’s intro video.

To keep things a little easier on our end, we will make a mega-thread on the Ed discussion board for each quiz section. You should post your video in the thread for the appropriate section. You can always verify which section you are in by checking MyUW.

Here are the links for the different threads:

All the sections’ mega-threads are public to those on the discussion board (just students and course staff). We recommend you spend some time learning a bit about the other students in the class by watching their videos! 😊