Many of the materials posted here and used in this course have been shared and refined by many other instructors and TAs in previous offerings of CSE 373, CSE 332, and CSE 326, as well as UC Berkeley’s CS 61B and Princeton’s COS 226. This version of the course was significantly influenced by offerings of these courses taught by Kasey Champion, Zach Chun, Hannah Tang, Kevin Lin, Josh Hug, John DeNero, Dan Garcia, Shrirang Mare, Michael Lee, Riley Porter, Ruth Anderson, Dan Grossman, Kevin Quinn, Hunter Zahn, Evan McCarty, and Adam Blank.

This website is generated by mkdocs. The text is set in the Inter font family by Rasmus Andersson. This quarter’s website was developed for 20su by Brian Chan, Maia Xiao, and Aaron Johnston. The theme for the course website draws inspiration from Just the Class, with thanks to its author Kevin Lin. We also thank students Austin Jenchi and Jeremy Zhang who contributed improvements to our fork.

Though we cannot list them all, we are also extremely grateful for the contributions of countless students who have given feedback and improved CSE 373 over the quarters.