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CSE 373, Autumn 2004
Data Structures and Algorithms
Home Page 
Instructor: Steve Tanimoto
Office: 638 Allen Center
Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:30-2:20 and Friday 2:30-3:20 (tentative)
e-mail: tanimoto@cs
Phone: (206) 543 4848

Teaching Assistants: Scott Schremmer, Ben Hindman, and Artem Zhurid
Scott's Office Hours: Mon 11:30-12:20 (in CSE 216) and Tuesday 12:00-1:00 (in the CSE atrium) 
Ben's Office Hours: Wed 3:30-4:20 (in the CSE atrium) and Thurs 3:00-4:00 (in CSE 216) 
Artem's Office Hours: Mon and Wed 1:30-2:20 in the CSE atrium.

Class Meeting Times and Location:
MWF 12:30 - 1:20 in Law School (William H. Gates Hall) room 127. Also see the campus map for location details.



December 14. The final exam will be held as scheduled (Thursday morning, December 16, from 8:30 to 10:20, in William Gates Hall room 127 (where we have been meeting since October). Be sure to bring a standard answer form (``scantron'' form) and some number 2 pencils. As with the midterm exams, there will be a mix of multiple-choice questions and written-answer questions. As usual, the instructor and TAs will not answer questions of interpretation on the exam; if you find a question to be overly ambiguous or flawed in some other respect, your instructions are to make a note on the cover of the exam such as ``see problem 13'' and give a written explanation of your objection there on the test. Do your best and good luck!
December 14. Some minor corrections have been made to the solution to sample final exam problem 2 in Part 2 (the problem involving the Floyd-Warshall algorithm).
Project progress reports are due Wednesday, November 24 by 5:00 PM. To submit your report, simply fill out the online progress report form, and click.
November 12. We are thinking of having Virtual Sections once again as a study aid for Midterm 2. However, we need your feedback on it. Please take 5 minutes to fill out the quick survey on this.
October 13. The code shown in class is the file, available here.
Oct. 8. The code for the Visual Queue Applet that we created in class is available here .
Oct. 6. Some of you asked me to post the Java source for the Traffic Light applet we created in class. Here it is.
Oct. 5. We are moving! Goodbye to MEB 238. Hello William H. Gates Hall room 127! (see the links above for directions). Now we have a state-of-the-art classroom with tiered seating and current A/V technology.
Oct. 4. The class mailing list has been created using registration data as of Oct. 4. If you are adding the class after this date, make a point of signing yourself up for the mailing list. This is an important channel for announcements from TAs and the instructor to you. Here is the signup form if you need to do this.
Oct. 4. Our entry questionnaire/pretest is available for student responses at the Catalyst website. Your answers to the questions will not affect your grade in the course, but we ask every student enrolled in CSE 373 to answer the questions as soon after (or on) Oct. 4 as possible. (We have cleared up the problem with authentication.)
On page 2 of the handout on Mathematical Background, there is an error in the paragraph about transitivity. Where it says "two pairs of the form (x, y) and (y, x)" it should say "two pairs of the form (x, y) and (y, z)".
The textbook is available in two forms: hardcopy and electronically. For hardcopy, go to the University Bookstore and purchase it in the traditional way. For the electronic version, join the IEEE Computer Society as a student member (this requires filling out a form and paying $52 (the full, non-student rate is $195). You must be at least a 50 percent time student in an IEEE designated field of study in order to qualify for the student rate. The fields are "electrical, electronics or computer engineering or computer sciences, or in an allied branch of engineering technology or the related arts and sciences." You can join online at the IEEE Computer Society website. Membership in the IEEE Computer Society will also give you a number of other benefits including access to many other computer books online.
Welcome to CSE 373!

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Nov 22, 2004

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