CSE370 E-mail

Here are the mailing addresses you can use to get in touch with CSE 370 staff and fellow students. You can use these addresses rather than the personal email addresses of the staff.

Mailing addresses for course staff:

Martin Dickey
All the TAs
The CSE370 webmaster (which will be one of the above!).

Mailing lists for student discussions (also goes to course staff):

General mail to everyone in the class, for group discussions.  Please restrict your messages to class-related business.  Resist the temptation to forward jokes and news items, or to start discussions on controversial topics, etc. no matter how interesting you find them! And if you have complaints or problems with the course, don't flame the list -- contact the staff directly. 
The instructors and TAs will also use this list to send important announcements between classes.  We will not attempt to repeat every last announcement made in class, so you still have to attend!

You put yourself on the majordomo mailing list for CSE 370 by sending mail to majordomo@cs.washington.edu; the mail's contents should include the line

subscribe cse370

You should shortly receive a message back saying "welcome".


Mailing list archive
Archives of all messages sent to cse370@cs.

Comments to: cse370-webmaster@cs.washington.edu