CSE370 Assignment 3

Distributed: 9 April 1999
Due: 16 April 1999


Katz, Chapter 3 (pp. 110-122).


  1. Reverse engineer the circuit shown in the schematic below in order to minimize it into a more efficient implementation.

    (a) Find the Boolean expression that describes the circuit.
    (b) Construct the truth table for the function.
    (c) Write the function in canonical sum-of-products form (little m notation).
    (d) Simplify the function above using the axioms/theorems of Boolean algebra (show each step).
    (e) Simplify the function again using a Karnaugh map. Give the Boolean equation that results from your simplification.
    (f) Suppose your system specification suddenly changed (as frequently happens in the real world) and you now need a circuit that implements the complement of F. Show how you can use another instance of the K-map for F to find the minimized form of the complement F'. Give the minimized Boolean equation for F'.
    (g) Draw the minimized F from part (e) and F' from part (f) in DesignWorks and verify thier operation with binary switches and probes. Turn in your schematics. Make sure to verify your circuit using DesignWorks's simulator.
  2. Katz exercise 2.19 (a).
  3. Katz exercise 2.20 (c, d).
  4. Katz exercise 2.24.
  5. Katz exercise 2.27.
  6. Katz exericse 2.29 (but, do it for an EVEN number of 1s).
  7. Katz exercise 3.2 (c) (turn in a DesignWorks schematic).
  8. Katz exercise 3.3 (c) (turn in a DesignWorks schematic).


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