CSE370 Policies


You are free to work with others in interpreting assignments and on developing facility with the software tools we will be using. However, the solutions to the assignments and exams have to be solely your own.

Wherever appropriate, you will be informed if you may work in groups. If you choose to do so, you will need to add a write up explaining the exact role that each person played in the design and execution of the solution. This sheet should be signed by all persons involved.


Cheating is a very serious offense. It will be dealt with in the most severe manner allowable under University regulations. If caught cheating, you can expect a failing grade and initiation of a cheating case in the University system. Basically, its an insult to the instructor, the department and major program, and most importantly, to the person doing the cheating. Just don't.

To avoid creating situations where copying can arise, you should not ever e-mail or post your solution files. You can post general questions about interpretation and tool use but limit your comments to these categories. If in doubt about what might constitute cheating, send the instructor e-mail describing the situation.

Comments to: cse370-webmaster@cs.washington.edu (Last Update: 03/28/97 )