CSE370 Workload and Grading


The course consists of the following elements:

  1. Lectures: there will be a total of 29 hours of lectures including in-class tests.
  2. Reading: we will be covering most of the Katz text. The reading will be assigned with each homework assignment.
  3. Assignments: problem sets involving design problems, to be solved without and with the use of computer-aided design tools. These will include design projects.
  4. Class Tests: there will be two in-class tests.
  5. Final exam: a two hour exam during finals week.

We will try to keep the workload at what is typical for a course of three credits, namely, six hours per week outside of the lectures. If we do not manage to do this, please let me know.

Software tools frequently consume more time then they should. We hope that we will design the assignments in such a way as to get you up to speed with the tools slowly but undoubtedly there will be a bit of a start-up cost with any new tool. Consider it to be similar to learning a new language and compiler and getting familiar with the process. Every tool imposes a certain model. Frustration can be high until you assimilate that model and learn to use it. Until you learn to use the model effectively make sure to ask for help and not spend countless hours making no progress. We do not count excessive learning time as part of workload above.

You are expected to turn in neat and complete weekly assignments. We strongly urge you to use the graphical and word processing tools you will have available on our computing environment to prepare them. This will include a schematics editor, state diagram editor, and waveform display.

We will make solutions available for each of the assignments in a timely fashion.


The grade for the course will be computed as follows:

The instructor will grade all the tests and the final exam. The weekly assignments will be graded by the teaching assistant. Weekly assignments will not be accepted after the due date (unless there are serious extenuating circumstances). Grading of the weekly assignments will be on a coarse scale of A (100%), B(75%), C(50%), D(25%), and F(0%). You should carefully review the solutions provided before questioning a grade with either the instructor or teaching assistant.

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