CSE 370: Introduction to Digital Design

Spring Quarter 1996

Meeting Times

Instructor: Ted Kehl (ted@cs)

TA: Nitin Sharma (nitin@cs)

Technical Staff: Stephen Lee (slee@cs)


R. Katz Contemporary Logic Design (Benjamin-Cummings, 1994)


There will be a combination of written assignments and simulation assignments done on PCs in the Hardware lab (Sieg 232). You will use the SYNARIO interface.
Please turn in your assignments on the due date in class. Late assignments will not be accepted.


Homeworks and Labs 40%, midterms (to be announced) 30%, final (June 3 2:30-4:20) 30%. Class participation is a bonus.

E-mail and WWW:

We will have a class mailing list and will communicate often through e-mail. Feel free to send Nitin or me questions. I will forward questions and answers to the whole class if appropriate. We'll be using the World Wide Web as well. Use Netscape or Mosaic and either follow obvious pointers or go directly to the URL http://www.cs.washington.edu/education/courses/370
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