Homework 1

Distributed September 26, 2007
Due before 10:30, Wednesday, October 3, 2007

If you choose, indicate on the top of your assignment roughly how much time you spent on it. This information will have no impact on your grade; it will only be used by an inexperienced course staff to gauge the volume of work to assign.

Do the following problems from Contemporary Logic Design, 2nd Ed.

1.3 [10pts]
1.23 [10pts]
A.1 (c, f, i) [6pts]
A.2 (c, f, i) [6pts]
A.3 (c, f) [6pts]
A.4 (c, f) [6pts]
A.7 (c, f) [6pts]
A.8 (d, e) [6pts]
A.9 (d) [6pts]
A.11 (a) [6pts]
A.12 (b) [6pts]
A.13 (c) [6pts]
2.2 [5pts]
2.6 (b, d) [10pts]
2.10 (b, g) ("push down" the complement as far as possible) [5pts]