CSE370 E-mail

Here are the mailing addresses you should use to get in touch with CSE 370 staff and fellow students. Please use these addresses rather than the personal email addresses of the staff in order to help us make sure that you get a quick response.

Mailing addresses for course staff:

Gaetano Borriello

Jon Froehlich (graduate teaching assistant)
Waylon Brunette (teaching associate)

One of the above, who will take care of the web problems.

Mailing list for student discussions (also goes to course staff):

cse370@cs.washington.edu --- All messages sent to this are placed in an archive. Make sure that all messages you send to the list are respectful to all involved and are within UW guidelines for appropriate e-mail content.

You can subscribe to the mailing list for CSE 370 by consulting the mailing list information page. You will be able to set whether you want messages delivered to your personal mailbox or not. NOTE: you will not be able to view/post mail unless you subscribe.

Comments to: cse370-webmaster@cs.washington.edu