CSE370 Assignment 6

Distributed: 31 October 2003
Due: 10 November 2003


  1. Katz/Borriello, Contemporary Logic Design, Chapter 6


  1. CLD-II, Chapter 5, problem 5.15.
  2. CLD-II, Chapter 6, problem 6.1.
  3. CLD-II, Chapter 6, problem 6.2, don't worry about the type of switch, just use digital inputs and assume that the inputs all go high and stay high at different times, your circuit should have as many outputs as inputs with only one ever going high, namely, the output corresponding to the first input to go high.  Explain why this is a sequential circuit?
  4. CLD-II, Chapter 6, problem 6.10 (use template).
  5. CLD-II, Chapter 6, problem 6.28, draw a schematic of this basic register block using ActiveHDL and simulate it for the case where you load the value "0011", hold the contents of the register for 2 clock cycles, then clear the register, then load a new value of "1100", hold this new value for 1 cycle, and, finally, replace it with its 2s complement.  Ignore the last sentence of the problem statement given in the text.  In any cycle, you can assume that one and only one of the four control signals (HOLD, CLEAR, LOAD, and COMPLEMENT) will be asserted. Turn in the schematic drawing and the simulation waveforms.


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