CSE370 Assignment 4

Distributed: 20 October 2003
Due: 27 October 2003


  1. Katz/Borriello, Contemporary Logic Design, Chapter 4 (skip material on FPGAs)


  1. CLD-II, Chapter 3, problem 3.24, parts a, and b (the switch goes from bring closed to being open).
  2. CLD-II, Chapter 4, problem 4.2 (use the equation f = ABCD' + AB'D + B'D' + BCD' + BDE instead of the one given in the chapter 4 handout).
  3. CLD-II, Chapter 4, problem 4.7 (use the chips in your lab kit for part b).
  4. CLD-II, Chapter 4, problem 4.8 (use this template).
  5. CLD-II, Chapter 4, problem 4.10 (for part c, disregard the hint provided and use this one instead: HINT: Please use A and C to control the 4:1 multiplexer and use one *XOR* gate on an input of the multiplexer, assume B and D are available in complemented or uncomplemented form.)
  6. CLD-II, Chapter 4, problem 4.17, parts a, b, c, and d.


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