Verilog HDL Resources


The books tend to be really expensive, and have much more detail than you will need for this course.  Here are three that you might consider.  The first one is best for beginners.

J. Bhasker, A Verilog HDL Primer.  Star Galaxy Press, 1997.

Donald E. Thomas and Philip R. Moorby, The Verilog Hardware Description Language (4th Edition).  Kluwer, 1998.

Eli Sternheim et al., Digital Design and Synthesis with Verlog HDL.  This would be a great book to accompany CSE467 or CSE471, or just to learn more about hardware design.  It has examples of many interesting designs using Verilog, such as a pipelined processor, a UART, and a floppy disk system.  But it's way too advanced to recommend to beginners.

Web Sites

John Naegle's Design Works Verilog tips page.

The Design Works Verilog reference manual (pdf format).

a Powerpoint presentation on sequential verilog by Jeffrey Hightower, used in quiz section Feb. 23/25, 1999 .

Handbook on Verilog HDL by Daniel Hyde of Bucknell.  This looks like a pretty good introduction.

An on-line manual.  This is part of a digital design course from the UK (Edinburgh) which uses Verilog extensively and has a number of tips and tutorials about it.  Recommended by Jeffrey Hightower.

Aldec Verilog Tutorial.  This is a really good, professional tutorial from a design tools company.  But to use it you have to register (free) and download a 4MB file.

A free evaluation version of "Veriloger" from SynaptiCAD.  Or, you can order the full industrial version for only $2750 (plus $500 per year for support).  I haven't tried either, but the free one was recommended by Daniel Hyde (above) and used in his course.

A Hardware Engineer's Guide to Verilog.   It's really a lead-in to a commercial training course, but has quite a bit of information.

Verilog.Net: pointers to lots of Verilog HDL resources, on and off the Web.

A full on-line training course on Verilog.  Requires registration (only $300!)