Sequential logic


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Table of Contents

Sequential logic

Sequential circuits

Circuits with feedback

Simplest circuits with feedback

Memory with cross-coupled gates

Timing behavior

State behavior or R-S latch

Theoretical R-S latch behavior

Observed R-S latch behavior

R-S latch analysis

Gated R-S latch


Clocks (cont’d)

Cascading latches

Master-slave structure

The 1s catching problem

D flip-flop

Edge-triggered flip-flops

Edge-triggered flip-flops (cont’d)

Edge-triggered flip-flops (cont’d)

Timing methodologies

Timing methodologies (cont’d)

Comparison of latches and flip-flops

Comparison of latches and flip-flops (cont’d)

Typical timing specifications

Cascading edge-triggered flip-flops

Cascading edge-triggered flip-flops (cont’d)

Clock skew

Summary of latches and flip-flops

Metastability and asynchronous inputs

Synchronization failure

Dealing with synchronization failure

Handling asynchronous inputs

Handling asynchronous inputs (cont’d)

Flip-flop features


Shift register

Universal shift register

Design of universal shift register

Shift register application

Pattern recognizer


Binary counter

Four-bit binary synchronous up-counter

Offset counters

Sequential logic summary

Author: Gaetano Borriello


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