CSE370 Questions for Course Evaluation

Form A course evaluation:

  1. The course as a whole was: (Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor)
  2. The course content was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  3. The instructor's contribution to the course was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  4. The instructor's effectiveness in teaching the subject matter was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)

  6. Course organization was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  7. Clarity of instructor's voice was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  8. Explanations by instructor were: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  9. Instructor's ability to present alternative explanations when needed was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  10. Instructor's use of examples and illustrations was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)

  12. Quality of questions or problems raised by instructor was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  13. Student confidence in instructor's knowledge was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  14. Instructor's enthusiasm was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  15. Encouragement given students to express themselves was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)

  17. Answers to student questions were: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  18. Availability of extra help when needed was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  19. Use of class time was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  20. Instructor's interest in whether students learned was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  21. Amount you learned in the course was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)

  23. Relevance and usefulness of course content were: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  24. Evaluative and grading techniques (tests, papers, projects, etc.) were: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  25. Reasonableness of assigned work was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
  26. Clarity of student responsibilities and requirements was: (E,VG,G,F,P,VP)
Relative to other college courses you have taken:
  1. Do you expect your grade in this course to be: (Much Higher, _, _, Average, _, _, Much Lower)
  2. The intellectual challenge presented was: (MH,_,_,Avg,_,_,ML)
  3. The amount of effort you put into this course was: (MH,_,_,Avg,_,_,ML)
  4. The amount of effort to succeed in this course was: (MH,_,_,Avg,_,_,ML)
  5. Your involvement in this course (doing assignments, attending classes, etc.) was: (MH,_,_,Avg,_,_,ML)
  6. On average, how many hours per week have you spent on this course, including attending classes, doing readings, reviewing notes, writing papers and any other course related work? (Under 2, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 18-19, 20-21, 22 or more)
  7. From the total average hours above, how many do you consider were valuable in advancing your education? (Under 2, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17, 18-19, 20-21, 22 or more)
  8. What grade do you expect in this course? (A 3.9-4.0, A- 3.5-3.8, B+ 3.2-3.4, B 2.9-3.1, B- 2.5-2.8, C+ 2.2-2.4, C 1.9-2.1, C- 1.5-1.8, D+ 1.2-1.4, D 0.9-1.1, D- 0.7-0.8, E 0.0, Pass, Credit, No Credit)
  9. In regard to your academic program, is this course best described as: (in your major?, in your minor?, a distribution requirement?, a program requirement?, an elective?, other?)

Additional items (on reverse):

  1. answer as directed
  2. answer as directed
  3. answer as directed
  4. answer as directed
  5. answer as directed
  6. answer as directed
  7. answer as directed
  8. answer as directed
  9. answer as directed
  10. answer as directed
  11. answer as directed
  12. answer as directed

  14. How did you like the homework grading scheme? (0-hated it, 9-loved it)
  15. Do you think the TA graded fairly? (0-absolutely unfair, 9-with the wisdom of the ages)
  16. How much use did you make of the assignment solutions? (0-none, 9-lots)
  17. How did you like the quiz grading scheme? (0-hated it, 9-loved it)
  18. Do you think the quizzes were graded fairly? (0-absolutely unfair, 9-with amazing wisdom)
  19. How much use did you make of the quiz solutions? (0-none, 9-lots)
  20. Did you like DesignWorks? (0-hated it, 9-loved it)
  21. Did you have difficulty getting time on the PCs in the lab? (0-always, 5-half the time, 9-never)
  22. Please evaluate Sorin Lerner as a TA. (0-terrible, 9-great)
  23. Did you find the recitation sections useful?  (0-not at all, 9-very much)
  24. Please evaluate Valdis Riekstins as a TA. (0-terrible, 9-great)
  25. How were the responses to your e-mail questions? (0-worthless, 9-very useful)
  26. What did you think of the course web? (0-useless, 9-great)
  27. What did you think of the transparencies used for lecture? (0-hated them, 9-loved them)
  28. Were handouts of the notes for each lecture useful? (0-no, 5-maybe, 9-yes)
  29. What did you think of the course text? (0-hated it, 9-loved it)
  30. Did you read the assigned chapters in the text? (0-no, 5-sometimes, 9-all the time)
  31. Are you more interested or less interested in hardware design after taking this class? 
    (0-much less now, 5-about the same, 9-much more)
  32. Would recommend this course to fellow students? (0-never, 9-absolutely)
  33. Was the experience in this course worthwhile to your education? (0-waste of time, 9-quite enriching)
  34. Did you like the room in which the course was scheduled? (0-no, 9-yes)
  35. How often did you fall asleep in lecture? (0-all the time, 9-never)
  36. Was the course what you expected? (0-not at all, 9-pretty much)

Student comments (yellow sheet):

  1. Was this class intellectually stimulating? Did it stretch your thinking?
  2. What aspects of this class contributed most to your learning?
  3. What aspects of this class detracted from your learning?
  4. What suggestions do you have for improving the class?

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