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Morphic, Smalltalk-style

Squeak Morphic programming

Morphs in the class browser

1. Defining your own Morph

You’re done! But...

Alternate way to show instances

What’s the “world”?

Okay, but what’s a “world”?

2. Customizing your Morph

2(a). Morph drawing [2]

Graphical environments: A question

2(a) Drawing components [2]

2(a) Customized drawing [3]

Aside: a word about geometry

2(b) Custom event handling [1]

2(b) Custom event handling [2]

2(b) Custom event handling [3]

More about events...

3. Animating Morphs

4. Hierarchical composition

Hierarchical composition in Morphic

Composition, ct’d

Composition and delegation

Author: Keunwoo Lee

Email: cse341-webmaster@cs