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Introducing Java Beans

The basic idea of the Beans tutorial is to get you to the point where you can quickly create beans. You may want to write new beans from scratch, or you may want to take existing components, applets, or other classes and turn them into beans.

A second goal is to help you understand basic Beans concepts. It can be difficult to assimilate concepts and turn them into pragmatic programming techniques strictly by reading Beans source code, API interfaces, or even the Beans specification.

This tutorial is not a replacement for reading the Beans specification. Rather, it is designed to enhance your comprehension of the specification by providing concrete examples, and step-by-step guidelines for building and using Beans.

After working through sections fo this tutorial, you will find it helpful to reread corresponding sections of the Beans specification. You should also study the example source code provided by the BDK to further your understanding of beans.

Definition: What is a bean?

Reusable Software Components

Application Builder Tools

Basic Bean Concepts

Important Terms [PENDING]

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