cse341 -- Programming Languages
Instructor: Prof. Linda G. Shapiro
Office: 214 Sieg
Telephone: 543-2196
Email: shapiro@cs.washington.edu
URL: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/shapiro/
Office Hours: 1:30 MF, 3:30 W (tentative)
TA: Joanna Power
TA Email: jpower@cs.washington.edu

Purpose of Course:

The objective of this class is to learn the fundamental concepts of programming languages and to study three distinctly different programming languages, each representing a different computational paradigm, in depth.


Programming Language Concepts, Ghezzi and Jazayeri

Language Specific Recommended References:

Extremely Tentative Schedule

Topic Chapter(s) Weeks?
Introduction 1 Week 1
Programming Language Concepts 2,3,4,5 All Along
Object-Oriented Languages and Java 6 Weeks 2-4
Functional Programming Languages and Lisp 7 Weeks 4-6
Logic Languages and Prolog 8 Weeks 7-8
Concepts, Comparisons, Other Languages 2-8 Weeks 9-10

Approximate Evaluation Percentages

Java Assignments 15.0%
Java Quiz 12.5%
Lisp Assignments 15.0%
Lisp Quiz 12.5%
Prolog Assignments 15.0%
Final Exam (including Prolog) 30%