CSE 341, Assignment 3 -- Java Bouncer

Assigned: 17-April-1998
Due: Start of class, Wednesday 29-April-1998

You should work individually on this assignment. You will turn in printouts of your extended Bouncer.java class implementation, any additional subclasses you write (you need none), and your Bouncer.html page that includes the tag to display your applet. You will also email me a URL pointer to a working web page where I can run your applet (presumably off of your home page somewhere).

See the basic Bouncer source and applet. This is a very simple Java applet that simply creates a ball object, and starts it moving towards the bottom right of a frame. Your assignment is to extend the applet to do something more interesting. For full credit, you must at least make the ball obey the law of gravity (it should accelerate downwards), and bounce off the walls (including floor and possibly the ceiling). You need not implement any other additional features for full credit. You may receive extra points for making the ball do other interesting or useful things (major bonus points if you port your pinball project to Java!).

To get started, you should study the applet and learn how it works. You can browse the documentation that javadoc generated from the source's comments. Be sure you can compile and run the applet as is before making changes to it. Part of the assignment is to learn how to use Visual J++ or the Java Development Kit using the available resources (including classmates, on-line help, web sites, etc.). You can complete the assignment using whatever system you prefer. Your final implementation must work using at least Netscape 4.

Greg J. Badros / U Washington Computer Science and Engineering / gjb@cs.washington.edu