CSE 341 Lecture Schedule, Autumn 1997

Subject to change. See the lecture log to see what really happened.

The Tuesday/Thursday entries indicate if the TA will be holding a formal quiz section, or lab hours on that day, the Monday/Wednesday/Friday entries give the lecture topic (in very broad terms.) Assignment deadlines are also indicated - these are, of course, subject to change.


Monday, 9/29 Intro and Overview

Tuesday, 9/30 Quiz Section

Wednesday, 10/1 Functional Programming

Thursday, 10/2Lab Hours

Friday, 10/3 ML

Monday, 10/6 ML

Tuesday, 10/7 Quiz section, ML Minor Assignment Due

Wednesday, 10/8 ML

Thursday, 10/9 Lab Hours

Friday, 10/10 ML

Monday, 10/13 ML

Tuesday, 10/14 Quiz Section

Wednesday, 10/15 ML

Thursday, 10/16Lab Hours

Friday, 10/17 ML

Monday, 10/20 ML

Tuesday, 10/21 ML Quiz, ML Major Assignment Due

Wednesday, 10/22 Scheme

Thursday, 10/23Quiz Section

Friday, 10/24 Scheme

Monday, 10/27 Scheme

Tuesday, 10/28 No quiz section or lab hours

Wednesday, 10/29 Scheme

Thursday, 10/30Quiz Section

Friday, 10/31 Logic Programming, Scheme Assignment Due

Monday, 11/3 Logic Programming

Tuesday, 11/4 Quiz Section

Wednesday, 11/5 Logic Programming

Thursday, 11/6 Scheme/Prolog Quiz

Friday, 11/7 Logic Programming, Logic Programming Assignment Due

Monday, 11/10 Object Oriented Programming

Tuesday, 11/11 Quiz Section

Wednesday, 11/12 Object Oriented Programming

Thursday, 11/13Lab Hours

Friday, 11/14 Object Oriented Programming

Monday, 11/17 OOP

Tuesday, 11/18 Quiz Section

Wednesday, 11/19 OOP

Thursday, 11/20Lab Hours

Friday, 11/21 OOP, Java Minor Assignment Due

Monday, 11/24 OOP

Tuesday, 11/25 Quiz Section

Wednesday, 11/26 OOP

Thursday, 11/27Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday, 11/28 Post Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday, 12/1 Language Concepts

Tuesday, 12/2 Quiz Section

Wednesday, 12/3 Language Concepts

Thursday, 12/4Lab Hours

Friday, 12/5 Language Concepts

Monday, 12/8 Language Concepts, Concepts Assignment Due

Tuesday, 12/9 Quiz Section

Wednesday, 12/10 Review, Last Day of Class, Java Project Due

Friday, 12/12, 2:30-4:20pm Final Exam