CSE 341, ML Major Assignment

Due Tuesday, October 21, 9:30 am.


Instead of taking a lucrative job at the company across the lake, you decide to pursue a career as the wine steward at the Internet Cafe. In keeping with the ambiance of the job, you decide to write an internet shopping agent to track down the best buys for wines from on-line merchants. Needless to say, after your experience in CSE341, you decide to do the project in ML.

A major portion of the program is a collection of routines which parse web pages and identify the wines being sold. A difficulty is that each web site has its own format for information, so it is necessary to write some code specific to each web site being searched. Of course, the hope is to write as little page specific code as possible, and to use general search routines for most of the work.

For the assignment, you are to write two functions: findWine, which, given a query string and a list of files, returns a list of wines satisfying the query, and printWineList, which displays a list of wines.