CSE 341 - Programming Languages

Haskell and Functional Programming

Haskell will be a vehicle to discuss programming in a pure functional language, and static, polymorphic type systems and type inference.

Getting Started

Haskell Lecture Notes

The Haskell lectures notes with a .hs extension can all be run in Haskell -- if you want to run them, download them, and if necessary rename them to have just a .hs extension (not a .txt extension).

Haskell Books and Tutorials

There are a number of excellent Haskell tutorials. I recommend Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!. Yet Another Haskell Tutorial (local copy) is also very good (recommendation: read Chapters 2-9). Real World Haskell won't be a focus in this course -- but if you're curious how Haskell can be used in real-world applications check it out.

XKCD's view on Haskell

Other Haskell Information

The haskell.org website is the central starting point for all things Haskell. See in particular: