CSE 341 Tentative Day by Day Schedule (Winter 2012)

(This schedule is subject to change.)    Revised: 2-February-2012
Week # Monday Wednesday  Friday
1 Jan 2: no class Jan 4 Introduction; Interacting with Python, support for scripting and rapid prototyping, indentation as syntax. lecture pdf ; lecture pdf Jan 6: Python Datatypes: numbers, sequences, slicing, dictionaries, comprehensions. lecture pdf
2 Jan 9: Python Control Structures. lecture pdf ; lecture pdf Jan 11: Python Functions: parameter handling, recursion, local and global variable scopes. lecture pdf Jan 13: Name Spaces, Modules, Object-Oriented Programming in Python. lecture pdf
3 Jan 16: Martin Luther King Day (no class) Jan 18: (UW classes canceled for snow) Jan 20: (UW classes canceled for snow)
4 Jan 23: Processing Language with Python: Chart parsing. lecture pdf Jan 25: Functional Programming in Python: Anonymous functions, lambda expressions Jan 27: Callable objects, composition, generators, mapping and reducing. lecture pdf
5 Jan 30: Introducing Logic Programming; Logic review. lecture pdf Feb 1: Predicate Logic Resolution and Unification. Hello Prolog; lecture pdf Feb 3: Edinburgh syntax, Prolog recursion, Lists as compound terms. lecture pdf. Also see Dr. David Broderick's lecture nodes
6 Feb 6: Prolog Semantics. lecture pdf Feb 8: Introducing Scheme: The Lisp family, list structure, S-expressions. lecture pdf Feb 10: Patterns of recursive functions on lists. lecture pdf
7 Feb 13: Functional Programming in Scheme: Closures; Lazy Evaluation with Scheme: Promises, thunks. lecture pdf Feb 15: Language Extension with Scheme Macros. lecture pdf Feb 17: Midterm exam
8 Feb 20: Presidents Day (no class) Feb 22: Introducing ML. lecture pdf Feb 24: ML's Type System: Static, strong typing, type inference, polymorphism, constructing types. lecture pdf
9 Feb 27: Functional Programming with ML lecture pdf Feb 29: ML and Theorem-Proving Systems lecture pdf Mar 2: Additional Examples with ML
10 Mar 5: Languages for Learning lecture pdf Mar 7: End-User Programming and Domain-Specific Languages lecture pdf Mar 9: Conclusion and Review
Mar 15 (Thursday): FINAL EXAMINATION 8:30 AM - 10:20