Readings for CSE 341
CSE 341: Programming Languages
The University of Washington, Seattle, Winter 2012
Python: The reading material related to Python consists primarily of the instructor's tutorial, recently updated for Python 3.x. Here is a link to it: Python as a Second Language. Please respect the copyright of the author and the IEEE and do not further distribute it beyond the class.
Prolog: Marc Bezem's A Prolog Compendium does a nice job of introducing Prolog to readers who are already familiar with imperative programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming. To cover the details of those aspects of mathematical logic relevant to Prolog, your instructor's Prolog Primer is provided.
Scheme: Nils Holm's Sketchy Scheme, 4.5th Edition. Available as an ebook for $7.99 from (search for "Sketchy Scheme").
Portions of Abelson and Sussman: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.
ML: Elements of ML Programming by J. D. Ullman. Available at the University Bookstore.