Course Policies
CSE 341: Programming Languages
The University of Washington, Seattle, Winter 2012
Estimated Time Requirements: As for most four-credit courses at the University of Washington, students are expected to devote approximately 12 productive hours to the course per week. Actual demands will vary with the material and individual student. Each student is required to stay up to date with assignments, in order for the class to work as a community.
Late Assignments: The lateness policy for assignments is simple. Each student can use up to four ``late days'' throughout the course. Any assignment turned in after the due date and time (strictly enforced) but within 24 hours of the deadline, will use up one late day. An assignment turned in more than 24 hours late but less than 48 hours late will use up 2 late days. Any assignment turned in more than 48 hours late will not be awarded any credit. Also, if all a student's late days have been used up, then each remaining assignment will have to be turned in before the deadline to receive any credit. Late days are intended to be used primarily under extenuating circumstances, such as illness.
Exams: There will be a midterm exam and a final exam. The midterm is scheduled for Friday, February 17. If any student has a conflict with the midterm time, he or she must notify the instructor at least a week in advance to arrange for an alternative. The final is scheduled for Thursday, March 15 from 8:30 AM to 10:20 AM. All students must take the final on that day.
Academic Integrity: Except when explicitly permitted, students are expected to turn in their own individually produced solutions to homework problems. Turning in the work of another as one's own is considered as a serious form of academic misconduct. The University has strict rules and penalties that apply when evidence of such misconduct is found.
Grading: The following is a tentative formula for weighting the various course components for computing final grades:
  • Assignments: 60 percent
  • Midterm exam: 10 percent
  • Final exam: 20 percent
  • Class participation: 10 percent