CSE 341 - Programming Languages - Autumn 2012

Running Racket

We'll use DrRacket, version 5.3. It is installed on the windows machines in the undergrad labs and on attu, or you can download it for a personal machine.

On the Windows machines in the lab, DrRacket is here:

All Programs / DEV TOOLS & LANGUAGES / Racket / DrRacket

You can also double-click on a saved Racket source file.

On Linux, start it by typing drracket to the shell prompt. You'll need to use XWindows -- DrRacket will come up in a separate window.

Finally, you can download it and install it on a personal machine from http://racket-lang.org/download. It's free.

First Time Set-Up

The first time you use DrRacket, click on “Choose Language” in the lower left and then select “Use the language declared in the source.” The text #lang racket should appear in the upper definitions pane. Click “Run”.

DrRacket should remember this choice henceforth.

Structure of your Racket files

Using DrRacket

For the most part DrRacket is an easy-to-use system with lots of documentation. Here are a few specific notes related to how we will use it:

Useful Tools

Use the "Debug" button to debug programs, and also to understand how recursive functions are operating. Another useful command is "Check Syntax", which of course checks the syntax, but also lets you see the bindings of variables. (Try hovering the mouse over a variable -- good to help understand lexical scoping.)