CSE 341: Programming Languages

Autumn 2012

General Information

Please use the course discussion board to discuss concepts, questions, specific issues about assignments, and so forth. Don't post solutions or parts of solutions though. The board is divided into different sections -- please use the appropriate one for your post. There is also a class mailing list for announcements.


Assignments and Turnin

Some assignments will include "extra credit" sections. These will enrich your understanding of the material, but deliberately will provide scant credit in proportion to the work required. Do them for what you'll learn beyond the basics, not the points, and don't even think about starting the extra credit portion until the main problems are complete.


The midterm was in class Oct 31. There was an optional review session the afternoon before, on Oct 30, 4:30pm - 5:30pm, in CSE 203. (This was just answering questions.)

The final will be in the regular classroom, Dec 11, 2:30-4:20pm. The last regular lecture, on Dec 7, will be a course recap and review for the final. There will also be an optional, informal question-and-answer review session the afternoon before the final, Dec 10, 4:30-5:20, in CSE 403.

For both the midterm and the final, you can bring a maximum of 2 (single sided) pages of notes. No laptops, tablets, or smart phones. The notes could just be printouts of materials from the class website, but preparing your own notes is a great way to review.

For practice exams, see previous offerings of the course, in particular for Winter 2010, Winter 2009, and Autumn 2008. The mini-exercises are also good study material.




You can email all the TAs and the instructor at cse341-staff at cs.